Thank You to Our Volunteers

HealthFinders Collaborative has a dedicated corps of over 60 volunteers. Together they have an enormous impact on our organization providing more than 3,300 hours of service each year. Volunteer medical providers, interpreters, receptionists and nurses are invaluable partners and deliver critical services in our community.  We could not do what we do without our volunteers.  Not only do volunteers help us to extend our limited resources, but their expertise and passion provides a unique quality of care, and builds community within our clinic.

Thank you to the hundreds who volunteer for us over the years. To date, more than 150 people have volunteered their expertise and time. We appreciate the time and energy you share with us and our patients!

Interested in volunteering? Click to visit our Volunteer page and fill out an application!

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Our Volunteers in 2015

Student Interns

Nermine Abdelwahab
Stephanie Allen
Alex Ascencio
Emily Balczewskie
Kharmen Bharucha
Lauren Bird
Soukeyna M Bocoum
Nicholas Bohrer
Mary Buswell
Rachel Calautti
Anisha Chada
Phobe Chastain
Lisa Cheung
Alison Coogan
Erica Cruz
Tamara Damjanac
Tony Daza
James Dibb
Michael Enich
Maia Erickson
Charles Eyermann
Jennifer Fehring
Beret Fitzgerald
Krysta Flaharty
Ella Fox
Colin Froines
Liliy Rose Gage
Anthony Harris
Sam Hayward
Isabelle Ibibo
Maija Johanse
Guldamla Kalender
Shamir Amir Kansakar
Joyce Kim
Jonathan Knowles
Micaela LaRose
Alex Leal
Lauren Linde
Melissa Lowen
Stephen May
Tamara Meyerhoff
Sarah Milstein
Ilana Mishkin
Landy Montiel
Liza Mussatto
Brandon Nelson
Johanna Olsen
Halie Ostberg
Heather Denis Ots
Anna Persmark
Patsy Pineda
Lisa Qui
Sarah Rajala
Amelia Schurke
Katie Shaffer
Kyla Smith
Bektu Solomon
Laura Somppi
Britta Stjern
Kaboa Thao
Brandon Valle
Betsy Vomacka
Zainab Wadia
Kate Wagner
Lucy Wasserburg
Sarah Whishler
Chris Wong
Dayou Xie

Community Volunteers

Jerry Appeldoorn
Annette Benson
Michael Burgdorf
Mary Carlson
Nancy Carlson
Richard Coffin
Katrina De Young Harper
Grace Dobbertin
Wendy Eckert
Stephanie Frank
Lavern Gillen
Kortney Kruger
Melissa Lowen
Mary Beth Kuehn
Sara Longobardi
Griselda Lopez
Shirley Luikens
MacKenzie Malecka
Sandy Muehlenbein
Pam Mullen
Tracy Oeltjenbruns
Falon Reindal


Bob Aby
Gary Carlson
Jim Evans
Marshall Hansen
Ed Vaurio
George Wagner


Nicholas Bohrer
Leah Eby
Leticia Ingram
Mary Kloceman
Ogalby Martinez
Frank Odd
Diane Pearsall
Lori Rossmiller
Lindsay Szper


Phyllis Freeman
Liz Groesbeck
Bonnie Gustafson
Jean Haslett
Mary Ho
Jenna Huberg
Laura Newton
Mary Owens
Diane Pemrick
Ginny Quaale
Joan Smith