Summer 2017 Interns from Carleton and St. Olaf at HealthFinders' Northfield Location

Every year, HealthFinders is fortunate to employ a group of interns from St. Olaf and Carleton over the summer and during the academic year. This summer’s team has been doing amazing work to improve and support HealthFinders through a variety of projects. We’d like to highlight a few of their projects so that our community can get an idea of the awesome things they have been up to! Check out some of their work: 

  • Updating receptionist manuals to reflect changes made to HealthFinders and to make patient care more efficient and accurate. 
  • Writing stories and maintaining HealthFinders’ various social media outlets, facilitating our ability to share stories with our community. 
  • Performing surveys and updating patient contact information to facilitate more efficient communication between HealthFinders staff and healthcare providers and patients. 
  • Completing monthly Evaluation reports, which track Pura Vida and wellness class data, health progress on patients with Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and more. 
  • Attending Pura Vida focus groups with the intention of improving patient outreach.
  • Evaluating the use of text messages for contacting HFC patients. 
  • Designing and publishing graphic design materials, such as event flyers, weekly wellness event calendars, and more. 
  • Developing a questionnaire for dental patients to assess their oral health literacy and in turn, developing graphics (such as posters for the clinic) to support oral health literacy among our patients. 
  • …And much more! 

Not only do we benefit from the work of our interns, but they value their time spent here. Anna Whelan, an Evaluation Intern, told us that her favorite part about working with HealthFinders was “working closely with the various staff members at HFC. I was impressed by the passion and drive of the entire staff; each person was so hard working and believed in the work they were doing.” One of the Communications and Public Health interns, Mariah Casmey, shared that “working at HealthFinders was really inspiring in that I saw people working every day to give back and better their community, which has given me several different ideas about what I want my own future to look like.” The students also agreed that they learned how to work well within diverse teams and integrate independent and collaborative work on projects that will prove impactful for our entire organization. Joe Pugh, our Pura Vida intern, said this was “the most satisfying, fulfilling, and real summer job” he’s ever had. Danny Campos, an Evaluation intern, thanked her supervisors for a meaningful summer, saying, “You didn’t just give us assignments. You trusted us to take on real projects.” 

Supervisors realize the impact and value of our interns as well. Natalie Marfleet, our HealthRise lead, “could not be happier or prouder” of what the interns were able to accomplish over the summer. Candy Taylor, our Director of Advancement, shared that “intern programs are a win-win for all parties. Our organization benefits from the skills and fresh perspectives of the interns and the students, in turn, receive real world work experience and build their resumes.” 

We are grateful for the time, dedication, and talent of our interns this summer. We will miss them when classes resume this fall!  

If you are interested in interning with HealthFinders during the academic year, check out our webpage at