Richie Eye Clinic is intentional in their commitment to the community. They partner with HealthFinders to provide pro-bono vision care to some of our patients who would not have access to care otherwise.

Knowing that “Vision is a Precious Gift”, Dr. Michael Richie and his team have built a full service vision practice which includes Crossroads Surgery Center, Richie Eye Clinic in Faribault, and their new Richie Eye Clinic in Northfield. All together they employ 50 people. Dr. Michael Richie and Dr. Mark Wiesbrod are both MDs and take care of any surgical needs. They also employ six Optometrists between the two offices to oversee the optical needs.  “At Richie Eye Clinic we feel that it important that our employees live and engage in the communities they serve, in fact it is an employment expectation” explained Kate Tonjum, Business Administrator.

Many of HealthFinders’ patients live with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. One of the common complications of diabetes is vision problems. Dr. Richie has partnered with HealthFinders since 2007 to provide needed care for many of these patients. Just in the past year, Richie has donated over $40,000 of in-kind services connecting over 30 patients to eye care and glasses. Sometimes it may be a simple eye exam and glasses and other times it may be more complicated, requiring long term care or surgery. Dr. Richie helps as he is able and is also an important financial supporter of HealthFinders.

We at HealthFinders are grateful to Dr. Richie and his team at Richie Eye Clinic for their commitment to community and HealthFinders. Their support is greatly needed and makes an important impact in the community. Thank you Dr. Richie and team!!!!