When you support HealthFinders Collaborative, you are helping neighbors like James.* 

James, who is 51, was experiencing rapid weight loss and deteriorating vision. His condition worsened to the point of being unable to work or live independently, making him fully reliant on his son to provide for his daily needs. Because he was uninsured, James believed he had no health care options. Then, he learned about HealthFinders, and scheduled an appointment. 

At his exam, he learned that his A1C level (the indicator used to monitor blood sugar) was dangerously high, indicating uncontrolled diabetes. This also explained the sudden weight loss and possibly the vision impairment. HFC practitioners immediately started James on an insulin regimen, and one of our Community Health Workers followed up with home visits to maximize a positive outcome.  

Even with the diabetes under control, James was still having trouble with his eyes. HFC’s Care Coordinator referred James to our partner, Richie Eye Clinic, for a vision exam, which revealed that he had cataracts. Richie Eye Clinic generously provided cataract eye surgery, at a fraction of the normal cost. Now, James’ vision is restored, his diabetes is managed, he is back at work, and living independently.  

“I’m doing good now. I’m very thankful for all you have done for me. I can see again! I got my life back!” 

Name has been changed to protect patient confidentiality.