HealthFinders staff members presented their inaugural Intercultural Effectiveness training on Wednesday, June 26th to rave reviews. Rice County Social Service staff from the Children’s Mental Health Department were the first to receive the training. The goal Intercultural Effectiveness training is to build understanding, trust, and communication skillsIt addresses inequities, implicit bias, micro-aggressions, and oppression all shared through open, honest and at times vulnerable story telling. HealthFinders has the most diverse human staff in Rice County and a with foundational commitment to community engagement, HFC has built trust within our both patient and provider communities, making it uniquely positioned to deliver this training. 

Daisey Sanchez, HealthFinders Director of Operations led the program and presented the Latinx perspective with the help of staff members Raquel Rendon and Fausto Rodela. Bisharo Farah and Abdi Ibrahim shared Somali stories. The presenters shared their histories of why they or their families from Somalia, Mexico and other Latin American countries immigrated to this area and their experiences here in Rice County. They also shared local cultural norms, nuances, and discussed sensitive topics with tremendous openness.   

The training was very well received. James Marthaler, the department supervisor wrote the team the next day: 

I arrived to work today to numerous emails from my staff thanking me for scheduling this training. …Your staff did a wonderful job presenting difficult information. They were professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and insightful. But what really raised the bar for me was their passion about the information they were presenting. …I walked away at the end of the day thinking to myself…that is a session that everyone in Rice County would benefit from. And I don’t think that I have ever walked out of a training thinking that. Please share this message with your people and know that you have again done something good for this community. 

HealthFinders will be presenting this training to the local health system partners and will make it available to schools, non-profits and local businesses as well. Please contact Candy Taylor (taylor.candy@healthfindersmn.orgfor more information and to schedule a training.