Abdullahi Abdigaani may be a newcomer to HealthFinders Collaborative (HFC), but he is far from new to the world of community healthcare.

Abdullahi, who joined the HFC team this fall, serves as the community health coordinator, helping to advance organization partnership in support of community-based health initiatives at HealthFinders. He is also on the leadership team. Additionally, he develops and leads community-based health education services, such as chronic diabetes management, healthy lifestyle programming, and mental health initiatives among Rice County’s vulnerable communities.

A Passion for Health Equity

Abdullahi’s primary focus is to promote health literacy by encouraging the community to actively participate in their own healthcare. He is passionate about health equity and believes in the fundamental principle of healthcare being a human right.

With a background in health and hunger outreach, community engagement and collaboration, needs-based assessments, emergency relief, and clinical laboratory experience, Abdullahi is well-equipped to take on this new role.

“What excites me most are the people I work with, the people we work for, and the idea of healthcare as a human right,” says Abdullahi. “I work with an amazing, diverse group of people who are dedicated to bettering the community and take a profound sense of collective ownership in serving the most vulnerable among us.”

Abdullahi earned a Master of Public Health from the University of South Dakota and a Bachelor of Science in clinical laboratory science from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

With a love for travel, Abdullahi has visited 13 different countries across three continents. He is married to Aisha. They have two daughters – ages four and five – and are expecting their third daughter in early January. When Abdullahi isn’t busy with work or family, he enjoys reading history and autobiographies, playing soccer, and watching documentaries and stand-up comedy. His favorite show is HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Supporting Community Health

“Our organization’s leadership continues to be rooted in the idea that no one should ever decide between placing food on the table for their children and staying healthy. That essence fascinates me and my work,” he says.

The addition of Abdullahi to the HealthFinders team supports the goal to consolidate management of community-based services, focusing and building community-based initiatives and programming to help HealthFinders double their impact and extend the reach of health system partners into the community.

“The people HealthFinders serves are some of the most resilient people I have ever seen,” he adds. “It is almost inconceivable to work with such amazing people and not find them uplifting and inspiring.”