Annual Reports

Our annual reports give a recap of the year for the HealthFinders Collaborative. We highlight how the services are performing, including an overview of the care that we provide. There is a full list of the volunteers for the year and a detailed financial report. Download our annual reports.

Academic Civic Engagement

In addition to offering dozens of undergraduate internships each year, HFC partners with local college courses to improve and study the impact of our programs. To inform subsequent projects, and help build knowledge locally, we maintain an online library of the reports generated. These reports are written by local college students for their classes based on work developed with HFC staff and communities.

Topics include:

  • Pura Vida, wellness programming, nutrition education
  • Diabetes programs
  • Mental health
  • Sense of community, social capital
  • Healthcare access, unmet needs of the uninsured
  • Youth
  • Culturally responsive healthcare
  • Advocacy, MNsure
  • and much more!

View the library of research reports, available for viewing or download.

IRS Form 990

A 990 Return is an official document filed by HFC with the IRS. The filing is a public document all non-profit organizations file each year that outline the organization’s charitable purpose, and related financial activities.

IRS Determination Letter

This letter is used to confirm non-profit status with the IRS.