Thank You to Our Volunteers

HealthFinders Collaborative has a dedicated corps of over 60 volunteers. Together they have an enormous impact on our organization providing more than 3,300 hours of service each year. Volunteer medical providers, interpreters, receptionists and nurses are invaluable partners and deliver critical services in our community.  We could not do what we do without our volunteers.  Not only do volunteers help us to extend our limited resources, but their expertise and passion provides a unique quality of care, and builds community within our clinic.

Thank you to the hundreds who volunteer for us over the years. To date, more than 150 people have volunteered their expertise and time. We appreciate the time and energy you share with us and our patients!

Interested in volunteering? Click to visit our Volunteer page and fill out an application!

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Our Volunteers in 2018

Student Interns

Sydney Botz
Allison Corlett
Liz Wilson
Abby Benusa
Pete Smith
Johnny Goodson
Sara Saintil
Gladys Cortes
Lucy Soule
Alysala Malik
Parmida Yazdanpanah
Nick Marfleet
Will Marfleet


Dani Andrusko
Andrew Bernstein
Kari Chen
Lauren Dudley
Caroline Loe
Anna McWilliams
Meryl Nath
Diane Pemrick
Kim Pozuelos
Carleigh Rand
Ivana Shen


Bob Aby
Jerry Appledoorn
James Evans
Marshall Hansen
Tim Hogan
Sharon Kruckeberg
Howard Sauer
Ed Vaurio
George Wagner

Community Volunteers

Annette Benson
Renae Blome
Colin Davitt
Lavern Gillen
Michele Goddard
Shelly Goddard
Barb Grabowski
Shannon Holder
Griselda Lopez
Nancy Ludescher
Kaite Metzger
Sharon Miller
Sandy Muehlenbein
Amy Otteson
Matt Ramsey
Adrian Ripeckyj
Srinidhi Satish


Manuel Lugo Acosta
Hibo Abdi
Yasmin Abdullahi
Mick Barens
Danny Campos
Jan Foley
Jonathan Gordillo
Emily Lecy
Sean McDonell
Nicolee Mensing
Frank Odd
Diane Pearsall
Juanita Picazo
Kim Pozuelos
Christopher Prokosch
Carleigh Rand
Fausto Rodela
Lori Rosemiller
Melinda Sanchez
Julia Smith
Pete Smith
Cristina Zamara