HealthFinders’ Changing the Way some People in Rice County Receive Care

Bringing Healthcare directly to the Community HealthFinders endeavors to ensure healthcare access to everyone in our community, particularly those whose needs are not met in our current healthcare system. Because of this, we meet a diverse range of patients with unique needs and work to tailor our healthcare to meet their needs. Our Community Health [...]

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HealthFinders, a model for the “21st Century Dental Team,” presents at the second annual Minnesota Oral Health Summit

On Thursday, August 3rd, the dental team at HealthFinders Collaborative traveled to Normandale Community College in Bloomington to participate in the 2017 Oral Health Summit II, sponsored by the Normandale Community College, Minnesota Department of Health, and Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation. The event attracted hundreds of dental professionals from across the state. The theme of the day was the practice of integrating medical and dental [...]

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Jenny Berge awarded Loan Forgiveness Funding

Jenny Berge, our Advanced Dental Therapist at HealthFinders Faribault Clinic, has been accepted into the Minnesota Dental Therapist Loan Forgiveness Program. This is a program that is offered by the Minnesota Department of Health to help health professionals pay off their student loans while providing their skills to underserved communities.   Many people have difficulty reaching the healthcare services they need, an issue that we are [...]

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A former HealthFinders volunteer gives back in an inspiring, unique way

Anne and her husband Matt at their wedding (June 3rd, 2017) HealthFinders has seen many volunteers over the years: students at the local colleges, physicians and dentists, professors, nurses, and many more. Some have been here since the very beginning, while others are able to share with us just a portion of their time in this [...]

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HealthFinders completes Access to Coverage grant, increasing its capacity for patient advocacy

HealthFinders Collaborative (HFC) has recently completed its period as a grantee of the Access to Coverage (Access) program. Access, a 4-year grant program created by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation in April 2013, had two primary goals: increase the number of low-income Minnesotans enrolled in public health care coverage and increase [...]

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Senator Al Franken Talks About His Visit to HealthFinders (Video)

In March of 2017, Senator Al Franken visited HealthFinders' clinic in Faribault to learn more about the organization's work. He sent this video for our annual spring gala, explaining HealthFinders' importance in the community and how current health policies can impact Rice County. He notes that HealthFinders is "important because it ensure that no matter [...]

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Senator Al Franken Visits HealthFinders

We were so happy to welcome Minnesota Senator Al Franken to HealthFinders this March! Senator Franken visited various sites around Minnesota to explore the differences small businesses can make in improving the lives and health of community members. We loved touring Senator Franken around HealthFinders, and introduced him to health providers and staff members to [...]

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HFC’s executive director participates in legislative retreat

Earlier this month, before state and federal legislators began their 2017 sessions, the entire state legislature met for a one-day retreat to discuss upcoming issues. The One Minnesota Legislative Conference was held at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs in Minneapolis. Charlie Mandile, Executive Director of HealthFinders Collaborative, was one of four [...]

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MNsure Finalizes Partnerships with HealthFinders and Other Grantees

MNsure recently announced that they have finalized partnerships with 23 grantees, including HealthFinders. These 23 organizations are carrying out MNsure's mission by making sure people have access to excellent and affordable healthcare. MNsure CEO, Allison O’Toole, commented in a press release that she believes that across the board reductions in the number of uninsured people in [...]

Salud America Visits HealthFinders

Last Friday we were delighted to have Salud America interview Juliana Lima, our Pura Vida Program Coordinator, and Charlie Mandile, Executive Director of HealthFinders, at our Northfield clinic.  Salud America is a part of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Research Network at the University of Texas that works to fight childhood obesity in the Latino community. [...]

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