HealthFinders Tackles Chlamydia with Rice County, St Olaf, & Sterling Pharmacy

Getting tested and treated for chlamydia is easy, but the chlamydia rate in Minnesota has reached epidemic rates in the last two decades. In response, HealthFinders has joined forces with local health partners to create a free chlamydia screening and treatment program for Rice County. Through this collaboration, known as Rice County Chlamydia Partnership (RCCP), [...]

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HealthFinders Partners to Provide Somali Mental Health Resources

This year, HealthFinders Collaborative has partnered with Minnesota Care Counseling Services (MCCS) to source mental health services for our Somali community. Somali residents of Rice County will be able to meet with one of two Somali-speaking counselors in Faribault who are piloting this program. With this resource, we hope to mirror the successes [...]

Barasho horteeda ha, inicin – do not hate me before we get to know each other

Barasho horteeda ha, inicin – do not hate me before we get to know each other A dozen Somali elders and community members gathered yesterday in Faribault to talk about health in their community. The meeting was derailed by a discussion of current events. Participants were quick to talk about the importance of collaboration, community [...]

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CHWs support diabetes success

Cooking classes teach patients how to eat healthy to manage their diabetes. A provider at HealthFinders Collaborative connected a patient with one of our Clinical Health Workers (CHW’s), to help her set up a strong diabetes management plan.  Struggling with ongoing fatigue, headaches, and a language barrier, the patient had trouble reading food [...]

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HFC Collaborates to vaccinate over 60 people

   HealthFinders recently vaccinated 30 children and adults in the Hulett Community Trailer in Faribault and another 30 at the Greenvale Park Community school.  The immunization clinics were held at the same time as our diabetes program class, but we encouraged participants to bring their families and neighbors when they came. The clinics have been going for [...]

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The Impact of Our Community Health Workers

After a diabetic patient suffering from dizzy spells and fainting went to the local Emergency Room, a doctor recommended follow up with a primary healthcare provider. However, the patient spoke little English and had no means of reliable transportation to see a primary care doctor. HealthFinders was recommended. The patient had been to HealthFinders before. [...]

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A Special Shoutout to Our Community Health Workers

We at Healthfinders are committed to grassroots community engagement for the health and wellness of the community we serve.  HealthFinders is able to have community health workers (Raquel Rendon and Yakub Aden) because of our HealthRise grant from the Medtronic Foundation.  They work on a daily basis creating, engaging and building ongoing and permanent relationships [...]

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