A former HealthFinders volunteer gives back in an inspiring, unique way

Anne and her husband Matt at their wedding (June 3rd, 2017) HealthFinders has seen many volunteers over the years: students at the local colleges, physicians and dentists, professors, nurses, and many more. Some have been here since the very beginning, while others are able to share with us just a portion of their time in this [...]

2017-08-01T15:56:10-06:00July 24th, 2017|Awards and Recognition, Community Service|

HealthFinders Tackles Chlamydia with Rice County, St Olaf, & Sterling Pharmacy

Getting tested and treated for chlamydia is easy, but the chlamydia rate in Minnesota has reached epidemic rates in the last two decades. In response, HealthFinders has joined forces with local health partners to create a free chlamydia screening and treatment program for Rice County. Through this collaboration, known as Rice County Chlamydia Partnership (RCCP), [...]

2017-07-14T21:22:15-06:00June 14th, 2017|Community Engagement, Community Service|

HealthFinders Partners to Provide Somali Mental Health Resources

This year, HealthFinders Collaborative has partnered with Minnesota Care Counseling Services (MCCS) to source mental health services for our Somali community. Somali residents of Rice County will be able to meet with one of two Somali-speaking counselors in Faribault who are piloting this program. With this resource, we hope to mirror the successes [...]

Sharon and Diane, our volunteer dream team Mondays in Faribault

Meet Sharon and Diane, our dynamic volunteer nurse and interpreter duo who make sure our busy Monday clinics flow, and our patients get top-quality care! When Diane Pearsall isn’t teaching Spanish at Carleton College, she’s using her language skills to help HealthFinders’ patients get the care they need. On any given day, often 75% of [...]

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Kaylee completes emerging leaders internship at HFC

HFC and Workforce Center collaborate for a successful summer internship. Kaylee Lino, a senior at Northfield High School, is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. After visiting the high school career center, Kaylee discovered the Workforce Development program. Workforce Development Inc. is a non-profit agency that focuses on helping youth from minority populations of [...]

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Kaylee Lino and Workforce Development Inc.

Kaylee Lino, a senior at Northfield High School, is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.  She decided to visit her high school's career center, where she enrolled in the Workforce Development Inc. program.  Through this program, Kaylee was assigned to career counsellor Amy Lofquist.  Lofquist placed Kaylee in an internship with HealthFinders Collaborative (HFC) and through the Emerging Leaders [...]

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Our Community Health Workers are Getting Involved!

Our Community Health Workers are getting involved and making a difference in the local community! Raquel and Yakub have started making home visits, which is already benefitting our HealthFinders patients in big ways! They've been busy attending meetings with organizations, and city departments around Rice County such as the Faribault Police Department and the the Tapestry Project (which introduces new Somali refugees to the Faribault [...]

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