Local Businesses Step up to improve lab services for HFC patients

Expanded on-site lab services will be coming to the HealthFinders Clinic in Faribault this fall. After adding blood drawing services at our Faribault Clinic thanks to Allina Health’s partnership and the volunteer services of Certified Lab Tech, Kathie Smestad, HealthFinders will be further expanding our services this fall due to a grant from Heart to Heart International and the assistance of several [...]

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Community Engagement at the Heart of HealthFinders

HealthFinders operates on the fundamental belief that health happens in the home and in the community as much as it does in the clinic. Health happens in the streets of your community, the classrooms of schools, and the city parks. While HealthFinders is primarily known for accessible and reliable healthcare services, we also actively engage in the diverse [...]

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HealthFinders Unites Rice County Through the Community Services Resource Fair 

With more than 70 representatives from 40 organizations across Rice County in attendance, the inaugural Community Services Resource Fair was a huge success!   HealthFinders’ Community Engagement team was pleased to welcome a number of familiar and new faces from organizations including Neighbors United, Allina Health, Growing Up Healthy of Northfield, and more. The Community Resource Bank of Northfield donated its conference [...]

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In-house Blood Drawing Paves Way for Increased Health Efficiency and Access

In-house blood drawing paves way for increased health efficiency and access.  This summer, HealthFinders launched new phlebotomy services on Wednesdays in the Faribault Clinic, allowing patients to have blood drawn within the safe and convenient space of the clinic without having to travel to a different site for this work.  Previously lab work was donated by Allina Health District One Hospital, and patients would follow-up there for lab appointments after their clinic appointments at HFC. With the continued support [...]

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Farm to Fork: HealthFinders Picnic Gathers Community

  Few things connect people around the world more significantly than food, and our relationship to it.  Recognizing the potential that food has to unite a community, HealthFinders hosted its first annual Community Picnic at the Main Street Project (MSP) Farm this summer. MSP is a non-profit organization of several local farms dedicated to providing accessible, sustainable and ethical nutrition to the community.   In the past, HFC has hosted [...]

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So what is an Advanced Dental Therapist?

Ever wonder what a Dental Therapist is? Do they go around asking people how they feel about their teeth? Well our friends at the MN Department of Health, Office of Rural Health & Primary Care recently published a report on dental therapy in Minnesota. "Dental therapists are a small but growing profession. Dental therapists perform [...]

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HealthFinders Welcomes Medtronic’s Global Innovation Fellows

Last month, HFC was host to four fellows from Medtronic's Global Innovation Fellows (GIF) program. Medtronic Philanthropy is an important partner of HFC and because of this relationship, Medtronic selected HFC to be the host site for this worldwide program available to their employees. HFC was one of three sites selected to host this intensive three-week program, the other sites being in [...]

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Meet our new Providers

Did you know, HFC has over 12 volunteer doctors and nurse practitioners who give their time and talents to help you be healthy? Last year alone these providers donated over 1,000 hours of service to our community! We are excited to announce we have four new providers to add to this mix, and look forward [...]

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Committed to the Community

Richie Eye Clinic is intentional in their commitment to the community. They partner with HealthFinders to provide pro-bono vision care to some of our patients who would not have access to care otherwise. Knowing that “Vision is a Precious Gift”, Dr. Michael Richie and his team have built a full service vision practice which includes [...]

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